A Typical Morning

A regular routine of feedings, watering, and nature breaks not only help facilitate easier pet management for the owner, but also offers structure and comfort to the fur babies as well.

Before the dogs came, I had my kitties on a fairly simple feeding schedule of breakfast and supper. Playtime was and still is sporadic. The older cats appreciate their quiet and space, and the kittens are more social and proactive about their playtime.

Now that the pups are a part of the family, my feeding and play schedule has become more uniform. This predictability lets the pups know what to expect from me and keeps everybody at ease. Hungry pets are not happy pets. (I know how that feels!)

Here is a breakdown of the morning routine:


I keep my dry cat food in an airtight bucket with a screw-top lid. Keeps it fresh and pest free. I think I got this one at the pet store, but they also sell them at places like Home Depot and Lowes.  I find this much more durable than the food storage containers that are actually marketed for pet food.  I purchased the scoop separately in the pet food aisle.

On lean days (when I’m out of canned wet food), each cat gets 1/2 cup dry food for breakfast, and again later for supper. On feast days I typically split 1 can of wet in half and add to each cat’s dry dish.  3 cans stretch for 6 cats making a satisfying serving with little leftover.  The few bites left are nibbled on throughout the day by the kittens (or sometimes a naughty dog). The raised feeders I use for my cats are great for my cats posture, and make it very convenient to multi-feed.

While the cats are getting served breakfast, the doggies are out back for the their morning nature call and a run around the yard.   I also do doggie duty around this time before bringing them in to eat. Normally the dogs each get about 1 cup dry kibble and 1/2 cup canned food, unless I’m out of it, then they get about 2 cups dry.  Sometimes I add a little low sodium broth as a flavorful treat. This week on a whim I got a 2 lb package of hamburger meat to doctor up the kibble.  I have a goal to fatten up my newest rescue dog Biscuit who was very underweight when I adopted him last month. (I could see his ribs).  I don’t actually want him fat, but I want to get him in a healthy weight range for his breed. He’s a bully mix.  He got about 1/3 lb hamburger as his portion between yesterday and today.

An associate at Pet Smart recommended feeding him puppy chow since it has a higher fat content. Supposedly dogs can eat puppy food up to 3 years without it affecting their weight adversely.  I’m also using a supplement called Missing Link , Ultimate Canine Skin and Coat. I’m hoping this will help with bald spots that he has. The recommended serving of this is 3 Tbs. As you can see in the living room (aka Pupplyand)  I like to keep the dog’s food bowls somewhat distant  from each other to minimize food-survival-aggression and I never feed them unsupervised.

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Fresh water sources are a MUST.  Pets have to stay hydrated for health just the same as us. I keep several bowls on tap  just for the dogs, a couple to share with the cats, and I have a filtered fountain just for the cats. I keep the cats water out of reach of the dogs since they don’t drink as “pretty” as the cats do and tend to leave dirt and food debris in the water bowls. I top off the water bowls and fountain daily and disinfect it with bleach at least every 2 weeks, and I switch out the filters every other month. Carrying a pitcher to each bowl is much easier than trying to balance a bowl full of water across the room. I read somewhere that cats/dogs don’t actually like their water source near their food source so I keep designated water bowls away from where they eat. I think that would irk me to smell my food every time I wanted drink of water too.

The whole morning process takes about 30 minutes, unless I’m preparing a  feast for the dogs that require cooking or heating up water. (I’m trying out a new product from Wholesome Homemade that is a “just add water” freeze dried type meal that takes about 10 minutes to re-hydrate. I plan on doing a review on this sometime in the future.

Find the review here:


That’s it! That’s how I keep the harmony in the morning with my kitties and puppies.  Questions? Comments? Concerns? Constructive criticism? Please let me know and share this blog if you like my content.

NEXT POST… THE ART OF CLEANING THE CAT BOX (its a nasty job, but somebody’s gotta do it…sadly its usually me.)