Origins: Honey

I promised to post a litter box cleaning tutorial next, but in the middle of recording my phone battery dropped to 5%  so I couldn’t finish it. I’ll make another attempt another day when my battery is full. In the meantime  I thought I’d post an origins series giving a little background info on each of my animals…


I’m starting with Honey, who is the oldest. Honey aka Honeybun aka HoneyBunny is a multi-colored short hair tabby mix. She is mostly orange with browns, tans, and blacks throughout her fur. She has yellow eyes. She is 14 yrs old. I adopted her from the Michigan Humane Society back in  2004. I had just separated from my son’s father and divorce was eminent. There were other things going on at that time and I was very depressed. I had heard that pets can ease loneliness and depression, so I decided to get one.

My mom had actually adopted a kitten for my younger sister several months earlier (Chewy!) and she was very sweet and lovable.  Cats are much lower maintenance than dogs, so I thought a cat would be a good choice for me.

Honey’s shelter name was Wendy. She was caged with her litter mate (Peter Pan), who I ended up adopting alongside her. I personally think pets should be adopted in pairs so as not to be lonely, and to have someone to play with.  I wouldn’t, however, suggest adopting more animals that you know you can take care of. Honey and Pepper were best of friends and got along very well. For reasons I won’t go into here, Pepper was ultimately taken back to the shelter several years later. Honey was alone for less than a year before I adopted Tiger. She has adapted fairly well to the other additions to the family.

Honey’s personality can be described as either introvert or antisocial. She doesn’t really like people or other cats. She prefers solitude over being out in the open. She likes affection and purrs and drools when being pet, but is annoyed at being picked up. Even as a kitten Honey would hiss and spit at attempts at being handled.  She has bit me only a few times, and it was usually associated with being scared (around a loud noise or commotion) or being bathed.


Honey tolerates being around Tiger and PJ,who are adult cats like her, but is easily vexed by the kittens. She will hiss at them or bop them on the head for good measure as if to say “Get outta my face you whipper-snappers”.Since getting my raised multi-feeders she has to eat in close proximity with the other cats and has no problems.


She mostly avoids my daughter who at the age of 11 is still sometimes very loud and rambunctious, but will snuggle with her when she is asleep. Honey also likes to sleep with me from time to time. Honey tolerates the dogs from a distance, but hisses when they get too close.


Scratches from Honey are common, but only because her claws are perpetually out. She has been skittish since kitten-hood and doesn’t trust being picked up, so she tends to scramble against the person picking her up with claws spread in attempts to hold on. Even when she jumps on laps her claws are passively out to keep from slipping.  Cats normally extend their claws  only when climbing, scratching(therapeutically) or fighting. The worst scratches I’ve received from Honey were during bath time  . She does NOT like being bathed.

As a senior cat Honey’s mews have become softer and softer. Now when she opens her mouth her “meows” are virtually silent. Her mouth opens, but nothing comes out.  The only time you really hear Honey is when she is locked in a room and wants to be let out, or is locked outside and wants to be let in. She is also pretty vocal at breakfast and dinner where her voice can be distinguished among the many mews in the kitty choir. as the food dishes are being set down. Because she is so skittish, Honey also makes “self-motivational” mews  and chirps before jumping on the bed or sofa as if to tell herself “I can make it! I can make it!”

Over the years Honey has lived up to my expectations. She has given me her own brand of love and affection and emotional support. She makes me a happy cat mom. She has been with me through many changes in my life. I’ve know her through 2 states, 2 marriages, many jobs and residences, and the birth of my daughter.


I hope you enjoy the pics of Honey.  I also have pics of her as a kitten on another device that I will post when I can.  Until next time, may there be as much harmony in your life as possible.