Interview with a Pit Bull Owner (IWAPBO #1)

This blog will mostly revolve around my cats, my dogs, and my experiences. But since becoming a pit bull/ bully breed (BB) owner to Biscuit and getting mixed opinions from my family and others, I’ve started talking to other BB owners to get some insight and advice.

I’ll be presenting some of that insight here in the form of Q&As from interviews with current or former PB owners. Welcome to my Interview with a Pit Owner (IWAPBO).

*I frequently interchange PB/Pit Bull and BB/Bully Breed to represent either a mix or purebred dog.

In this first interview, I am speaking to DeAndria G. from Flower Mound, TX.

This is Chaos, a 9 yr old Pitbull and his brother.


CatsDogsHarmony:  How many Pitbulls (PB) do you have? Names? Girl/Boy? Breed-type?

Deandria G.: One. He is a boy and his name is Chaos. He is a purebred PB and he is grey in color.

CDH: How old is he and how long have you had him?

DG: He’s 9. I’ve had him since he was a puppy.

CDH: Have you always liked PBs? If not, what changed your mind?

DG: Yes, I’ve always liked them.

CDH: What made you decide to adopt/raise/breed your PB?

DG: I saw him at the shelter and I fell in love. When I saw him it was like he said “Take me home.”

CDH: What is your dog’s personality?

DG: Goofy.

CDH: What’s the funniest thing he’s done? Most embarrassing?

DG: Chaos is scared of bugs. Once he was sniffing the ground at a bug and when it moved he jumped back about 3 feet in the air! Most embarrassing thing was when he met a new neighbor’s dog. He went to sniff its butt and the other dog wasn’t in the mood. It swung around and bit him.  There  happened to be a police officer nearby and we didn’t want him to think anything serious was going on so we tried to play it off.  (Both dogs were ok).

CDH: What brand of dog food does Chaos eat? How often? Do you give him table scraps?

DG: We buy Pure Balance, Bison flavor. He eats 3 times a day. 2 cups a serving. No scraps.

CDH: What kind of toys does Chaos like? Is he a chewer ?(serial/destructive)

DG: He loves stuffed animals. Also squeaky toys. Yes he is a chewer.

CDH: Is he and inside or outside dog? Is he allowed on the furniture? The bed?

DG: He’s an inside and outside dog. Not supposed to be on the furniture or bed..

CDH: Have you personally ever had any bad experiences with a PB?

DG: No.

CDH: Have you had any negative experiences or opinions from other people about your PB?

DG: I once had a neighbor who was an older lady. She didn’t like PB/BBs. She threatened to shoot my dog. Other than that, most people I encounter are friendly towards him.

CDH: If you could speculate on the stories where a PB/BB has reacted badly (attacked or bit someone) what would you say was the cause?

DG: When it was towards an adult I’d say it was from not staying the alpha (leader, top dog in charge). Some people stay on the same level as their dog [CDH offers an example of a parent trying to be their child’s friend instead of the parent and ultimately losing respect]. You have to be the one in charge.

CDH: But what about cases where a baby or little kid got hurt?

DG: It could have been a kid pulling its tail or doing something it didn’t like. With babies…there’s that noise factor. The crying. The jerky unpredictable movement. It can make dogs nervous. Some dogs just don’t like certain noises. They react badly.

CDH: Any advice for a new PB/BB owner?

DG: Be mindful of the environment you’re bringing your dog into. Know your dog, his likes and dislikes, triggers. Know your place as an owner.


I appreciate the time DeAndria took to talk with me. I agree with her insight on knowing your dog, which is good advice for owners of any dog breed. Individual dogs have individual personalities and individual needs. Even dogs with so-called mild temperaments can have environmental triggers or social situations that can make them nervous, scared, or annoyed resulting in reactions from withdrawal, growling, or biting.

I hope you enjoyed this post. There will be more interviews to come in my IWAPBO series.  If you want to stay current on posts about the rest of the gang please consider subscribing. Also check out my Twitter feed, Instagram, and YouTube channel all under the name  Catsdogsharmony. Until next time, keep the harmony!