Inquiring minds want to know…

…Are you a cat person, or a dog person?

Since starting my blog, I’ve become more open to talking about my pets and asking other people about theirs. A typical icebreaker question I start with is whether or not they are a cat person or a dog person.

This is a very important question, because rambling on about the latest cute or funny thing one of my fur babies has done can either be endearing to a fellow animal lover, or irrelevant to the person who just isn’t into them.

In today’s post, I’d like to discover what makes a cat person a cat person; a dog person a dog person; and how its possible (perish the thought!) that some people just aren’t as animated about animals as I am. So, are you a cat person or a dog person?

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When I was a little girl I loved dogs. My mom told me I would approach any dog, big or small and try to make friends. I thought having a dog was the ultimate prize. We had a puppy for about a week when I was about 5, but I think someone at our apartments stole him. (I still think about you Reggie!) I had a beautiful white and brown Papillon when I was in junior high, but he was struck and killed by a car during a potty break. (Gizmo!) Between losing him and Reggie I never thought about getting another dog.

By the time I was in my late teens, I was ambivalent about dogs. If someone I knew had a dog I would pet it to be friendly, then forget about it the moment it was gone. By my early twenties I avoided dogs. The yipping and yapping, the barking and yarking, the licking and slobbery muzzles, the pawing and jumping up on me. It was just too much. And the smell…ugh. No dogs! No thank you!

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Well if you’ve followed my humble blog thus far, you know that much has changed since then. I got a cat, and then some more and became a cat lover. Cats were the superior species in my opinion. Now my motto is “cats rule, dogs drool…but they’re still pretty cool.” Over the last several months of owning both cats and dogs, I’ve realized that each of these species effect me in a very different way.

I’ve mostly thought of myself as a cat person because of my laid back personality. Although I can be quite sociable and hyper at work, I’m really an introvert who is more at ease being at home doing quiet things and pondering the meaning of life. The laissez faire attitude of a feline laying about mirrors this mood and maintains my sense of happy solitude.

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The warm vibration of a kitten’s body purring on my lap is relaxing in a way that is subtle, yet visceral. The kneading of their little paws on my leg took some getting used to, but with thick enough clothing its actually quite pleasurable, albeit awkward (is he having flashbacks of kneading for milk from its mother?).

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Since Jordi came to stay, my bump-on-a-log modus operandi has taken a back seat. I’m more liable to want to do some yard work just to be outdoors and watch him and the other pups run around. I’ve just become more active. This change has helped me both physically and emotionally. (One day I’ll share my depression story, and how my animals are helping me manage it.)


Pure love and affection

The “always ready to go” energy from my dogs amazes me. Whether its day or night, when my dogs see me move, they are right there in tow. Something about that makes me feel special. That I would be that important for them to follow me wherever I go, and the frenetic “welcome home!” wiggles and jiggles they do when I return home from an outing always puts a grin on my face.

Since adopting the dogs, my leadership skills have grown a bit. The need to be the alpha has guided me into presenting myself in a stronger way. I’m very self aware of how my posture, body language, tone of voice and volume affects the behavior of my dogs. A pack leader presence is essential to maintain the respect of one’s dog, and is conducive to how I maintain the harmony I speak of in my site’s name. Some people do this quite naturally and I think that draws them being a dog owner. I’ve had to work on it, and I’m still learning how to be a better alpha.

“Either you lead, or I will lady!” ( image from , Devil Dogs)

So its official, now I’m a cat and dog person. Although I felt a tinge of guilt in the beginning of my transition (I swear the cats all stared at me in silent judgment when I brought Jordi home) I am now completely accepting of my new cat-dog love.

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Yep, I love all pets. Although…I’m still squeamish when it comes to reptiles, arachnids, and snakes “it’ll bite me!”, birds “they’ll peck my eyes out!”, and little critters like hamsters, mice, and gerbils “they’re too small and quick, and they’ll bite me!”. But in general I can appreciate just about any creature big or small found in nature. Although butterflies have always freaked me out since I was a kid “it’ll flutter me to death!”

“Ah! There in my eyes again!”
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Personally, I think PJ could make a cat person out of anybody.
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