It happened again!!!

Biscuit just got into it with Jordy. Badly. I was out back watching them when it happened. I cannot identify the trigger. I do not see what caused it. I will not say it was unprovoked because the last time I used that word someone chastised me. The irony is I was out there with them getting ready to record them playing. Before I got a chance to turn the camera towards them the fight broke out. My reactions and the Aftermath videos are on my YouTube channel.

It’s been a month and a few weeks since Biscuit came home. He’s made great improvements and his behavior and reactions both to the cats and other dogs. I even took him to PetSmart on a leash and he behaved well around the other dogs that were there.

For the most part him and Jordy get along very well. Recently I’ve even seen Jordi licking Biscuit on the mouth which from what I read is a sign of submission. Jordi is the bigger of the two. He is also the gentler of the two but the fight that I just saw in him was extremely vicious. It took me over 5 minutes to break up the fight because neither would let go.

For about 10 seconds I was fully expecting one of them to stop moving… And I was mentally preparing myself to call Animal Control to pick up a dead body.

Biscuit is the more aggressive of the two and I thought he was the strongest but he has the most blood on him right now. I’ve got him locked outside the back door, the door is locked because Jordy can let himself in and out and I can’t afford to have them in contact.


Even as I was pulling Jordi back into the house Biscuit was trying to flank him and move in for more fighting. The whole purpose of this blog was to show how I could raise two species together in harmony.

Right now I’m having trouble even maintaining civility and control between two animals in the same species. This is full disclosure and open honest transparency. All is not well in paradise today. I’m not sure how this blog is going to turn out…

Kobas, Jordi and Biscuit chillin

This was just three days ago. This photo was completely natural and typical of the relationship.

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