Origins: PJ (Pepper Junior)

“He followed me home ma, really!” This is pretty much what my son told me about the mystery cat I randomly met in my living room one day.


Imagine, you walk into your living room after a long day’s work. There’s a stray cat peacefully sprawled over the top of your recliner. This is how I met PJ. He looked so comfortable and relaxed, as if he really belonged there. I approached him and asked who he was (because this of course is a perfectly normal thing to do when you meet someone new, even if that someone is a cat). He meowed back confidently, and it was love at first sight.

PJ aka Sticker aka Pepper Junior aka Fat cat is hands down (or paws down) the most affectionate cat I’ve ever had. Well there, was Pepper…

Ok, I really don’t like to talk about it but there has to be some history given, so I’ll make it quick:

Pepper was Honey’s litter-mate. He was the most affectionate cat I’d met before. He would head butt for attention, leap into your lap, then literally stretch his paws one each over your shoulder while resting his chin on your shoulder. He was the best. Pepper began urinating uncontrollably all over the place, including our clothes and I didn’t know what to do about it. I should’ve taken him to the vet, but instead I dropped him off at the shelter. Its the most regrettable thing I’ve done, and I fell very sad every time I think about it. I should have tried to help. I only hope he found a loving home that was able to give him the care he needed. Now that my dirty secret is out, I hope to never speak of it again. Back on to the story of Pepper Junior…
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I’m sorry Pepper. I miss you.

Now that the truth has been told, lets get back to PJ. PJ came to us in 2012. If I had to guess, I’d say he was 3-6 months old, still a kitten but old enough to have survived on the streets for however long he was out there.

I took PJ to the vet after being with us for a week and one of the first things they check for at these exams are microchips. PJ had none, so if he did have an owner, he wasn’t registered to any. PJ got his nip-and-tuck (my cheeky way of calling a spay/nueter procedure), all his shots and vaccines and was officially ours.


Unlike Tiger, PJ has never really been interested in going outside. I mean, if I leave the door wide open for any period of time, he’ll probably meander over and find his way out the door. He’s never been an escape artist though. Actually, when I lived in my former apartments, the few times he did get out he got confused and went to the wrong door. My neighbors would call the number on his tag and I’d have to go get him. I thought cats could smell their way home?


I don’t know you guys. It doesn’t seem safe out there…

PJ went through some of the same initiation as Tiger, with the hissing and claw bearing. But PJ is more introverted and mild mannered, so even though Tiger was compelled to show he was the Alpha-cat with some minor bullying, PJ settled in fairly quickly.

Being my son Jason’s cat, PJ would mostly sleep in his room. This in itself was an act of love, because if you saw how gross my son kept his room back then…well, I digress.


That son of mine, being the teenager he was began spending more and more time out with his friends. He played with PJ and showed him attention, but when my son wasn’t around PJ looked lonely. I mean he actually looked like he missed my son. When my son moved out years later, PJ began to get weepy eyes. Now all cats will have some tearing of the eye ducts, but PJ’s seemed to be more emotional. When my son comes to visit, there is a look of recognition in PJ’s eyes as he smells his boy. And when Jason leaves, PJ walks around meowing for him and the wetness in his eyes begin again.


Jason, is that…you?

Now that my son has been living away from PJ for a couple of years, PJ has taken the kittens under his paw for mentoring and companionship. When he’s in the mood, he’ll play with them. He gives and receives baths from them. He and Muffin have been seen snuggled up often. They have the same quiet and intentional demeanor. And of course when he wants close human companionship, he volunteers to be Keiko’s sleep buddy.


You comfy Keiko?

PJ friendliness is appreciated by all. Even Honey doesn’t mind him hanging around. He isn’t super pushy with the leg rubs and lap jumps, but when he senses a good vibe about someone, he’ll give them a chance to make the first move. If all is well, he just might just get comfortable with them.

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PJ is my only adult cat that is comfortable around the dogs. He’s cautious, but courageous. With personalities like his, ,it makes it easier to achieve a sense of harmony in the house.

PJ Trivia:

  • He doesn’t like table scraps or even cat treats
  • His favorite wet food is Friskies Shreds, Beef in Gravy
  • Cat nip has no affect on him
  • He is the loudest of all the cats
  • He once got stuck on the roof of our duplex

That’s all for now. This completes my Adult cat biographies. I’m going in order from oldest/ most residence to youngest/least residence. Can you guess who will be the subject of my next Origins?

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PJ! (Pepper Jr.)