The gang’s all here!

Things are moving right along with my new blog. So far I’ve given the background story of my three adult kitties, interviewed a fellow Pit-bull owner, and posed one of the age-old questions about acts vs. dogs.

Before I get too far along I thought I’d do a summary of all my fur babies at once. I’ve made references to several of the kitties and puppies so far and you’ve probably seen them all in various pictures.

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Now I’ll introduce everyone and give a few quick details about them! In my previous posts I showcased Honey my 14 year old tabby and Tiger my 11 year old black shorthair. There is also PJ another shorthair who is 6; and the kittens: Tulip and Muffin, who are 1 year old litter mates(?) and Clover, my 9 month old black baby.

The doggie crew is made up of Jordi, a 2 year old Husky/Labrador mix; Biscuit, a 2 year old Pit Bull mix; and Koba (rhymes with boba!) She is a 1 year old German Shepherd mix.

Although I go into detail about their personalities in their Origins posts I can give you a quick summary of their alter egos now.

Honey: The Matriarch

Tiger: The Rogue

PJ: The Teddy Bear

Tulip: The Queen

Muffin: The Scaredy-Cat

Clover: My Baby

Jordi: The Goofball

Biscuit: The Big Baby

Koba: Nervous Nelly

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