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Today’s post will be on fur baby #5. As I mentioned in my previous Origins article, Tulip was adopted at the same time as Muffin in December 2016. I specifically went to the shelter to get a black cat, because if you don’t already know I love black cats. I think they are beautiful creatures, especially if they are completely black with no other markings. The Fort Worth Animal Control Center just happened to be hosting an adoption event that specifically waived the adoption fee for black cats and dogs. Score!

Tulip and Muffin Christmas 2016

You there, Muffin. Do my bidding!

I initially saw Tulip in her cage alongside other cats of various ages. She was cute, but her white socks and whiskers were a superficial deal breaker, pushing me to continue my search for the black cat I wanted. The only other black kittens available were in quarantine status for sulfur Lyme dip treatments that would last until the upcoming week. I didn’t want to wait, and so I Tulip became my new black cat.


Tulip, Clover, Tiger

She’s known as Queen Tulip, not only for her aristocratic behavior “Out of my way peasant!”, but because of her regal beauty as well. Her lean black body is dressed in white socks front and back. The white whiskers on her face are long and white, giving them a butterfly appearance. Her face is narrow and her yellow eyes are sharp and discerning (judging?). She looks like a miniature version of Tiger.

“Uncle Tiger” and Tulip

From day one she proved to be a kitten of importance. Jordi my husky-labrador came home with us that same day. The kittens were boxed up in a cardboard cat carrier. Once I let them out Tulip began staking her claim to the house immediately. Although Honey gave her customary stranger danger hiss and swat at the new arrivals, Tulip showed confidence and poise as she walked instead of ran away from her cat elders.

Meeting Jordi, a creature that was ten times her size equally unfazed her. Jordi sniffed at her curiously while she brazenly stood her ground, eventually sniffing back at him before strolling off to explore another part of the house as if to say “I’m bored of this giant beast, what else you got?”. This show of bravado sealed the bond between the two and debuted her as the cat with sass. Its almost as if she is saying “I’m the queen, I’m the queen. Bow down, bow down.”

20170816_072228_HDR - Copy.jpg

“You there dog, do my bidding!”

Tulip’s bravery has teetered towards recklessness on many occasions. Like many cats, she naughtily jumps on tables, knocks over random items to her own amusement, and tries to slip out the front door when someone arrives or leaves. She is also the reason we do not leave our snack plates or beverages unsupervised, and how the dogs have gotten access to items high on shelves to destroy (Tulip!!!)

Did I mention she’s a spider cat? I discovered the need for super-duty curtain rods after her climbing up and bringing down three different curtains, bending and ruining the aluminum curtain rods. She loves to climb. She climbs the cat condo, the couches, the high shoulders of the wingback chair, and somehow even manages to scale the top my walk-in shower. She isn’t afraid of anything.

She’s never been particularly affectionate. Although she tolerates appreciates being pet, she’s not into cuddles or patronizing us to allow herself to be carried like a baby (like Honey, PJ, Muffin, and Clover have). She’s quick to shut down any bothersome handling with a dainty “mew” and a swipe from those equally dainty, but razor-sharp claws.


I can see my kingdom from here!

Aside from Tiger, who takes mess from nobody, Tulip regulates whatever space she’s in. She hogs the food dish from the other kittens, has taken Honey’s favorite resting spot and refuses to move when Honey approaches and is the first on the scene to instigate any smells of food, sounds of snacks.

But as troublesome as she can be, she is still royalty. She has a lady-like trot when she walks fast. And when she’s ready to rest she doesn’t just lay down, she lounges gracefully. She is a kitty diva and she knows it. Her mew is soft but assertive.

20170815_133123 - Copy.jpg

You there Clover, lick my royal ears!

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading another Origins article about my pets. We are more than halfway through with the introductions.

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