I’m ba-a-a-ck!

So sorry for the long absence. Time has really gotten away from me. It wasn’t my intention to neglect the site, I’ve just been stirring other pots so to speak. I’m not the type of person that dips her toe in to try something new. I jump in with both feet. Let me catch you up to what I’ve been doing lately.

I started this blog as a passion for my pets and my desire to share stories about them with the world. Immediately after, I began setting my sites on other avenues that I could create on.

I created an Instagram account just for them and have been uploading pics nearly daily. In order to do this I’ve been taking constant photos of them to find just the right pic to post.

I’ve also jumped into making YouTube videos! Just when I thought I couldn’t be more creative, I started recording my little fur babies and really throwing myself into the editing process and thumbnail creations. I tip my hat to the long-standing creators at YouTube. Putting up fresh, and exciting quality content is a lot harder and time consuming than it seems.

Finally, I’ve become very interested in becoming an entrepreneur and have been researching and developing a small, but useful I hope, website in the pet care niche. Ultimately I will be offering original merchandise and hand-picked pet care items, but for now I’ve done the next best thing and partnered with several affiliate brands to offer goods and services. I think you’ll like what you’ll find.

There are also several cool T-shirt creations I’ve designed to promote both my channel, as well as the brand that I’m creating around my budding business that can be found at Teespring.com.

Again, instead of starting one thing at a time, it seems that I’ve thrown quite a few balls into the air and have been struggling to juggle them. This blog-my flagship project, has been pushed to the back of the line. There are so many stories I have to tell and so many things to update on the site.

Please forgive me, and know that I haven’t forgotten about CatsDogsHarmony.blog. There is more to come, and I can’t wait to put it out there.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please consider subscribing, and sharing. Stay tuned for my next blog update.

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Until next time,

“Keep the harmony!”

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