My name is Kenya and I am a proud rescue mama. I never intended to have as many cats and dogs as I do, but once they came in my life I couldn’t imagine my life without them.  It all started out with Honey, my oldest cat fourteen years ago.  Now there are six cats and three dogs.

Officially two cats are mine: Honey and Clover; three are my daughters: Tiger, Tulip, and Muffin, and one is my son’s: PJ.

Jordi is the “house dog”, while Biscuit belongs to me and Koba belongs to my daughter.  In the end, I take care of them all, so they are all MY FUR BABIES!

I’ve always been a cat person, but since adopting Jordi in December 2016 I’ve learned to make room in my heart (and home) for canine love. The dogs keep me active, the cats keep me calm. They  all crack me up, and are the best companions I’ve ever had.

I started CatsDogsHarmony as a way to share the love I have for my animals with like minded people. Please follow and share my blog to find out how I manage all of these animals and encourage harmony between the two species.  I hope you enjoy following their stories…